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Build and manage your entire InfoSec program that’s as unique as you are.  Automatically define security policies, respond to RFPs and provide proof of compliance so you can gain confidence with customers and win more deals.

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Customer Story

Ray Espinoza

Director of Security

Tugboat Logic is our best security partner

How it works

InfoSec Policy Generator

An automated framework that supports the process of setting up your security and compliance program.

Audit Readiness

Your guide to preparing and maintaining certifications such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA and others.

Questionnaire Response

Automatically answers security questionnaires in minutes using machine learning.

Vendor Risk Management

Automates the process of assessing and auditing the security posture of your vendors.

Why Tugboat Logic

Keeping your company secure, responding to due diligence questionnaires, and completing audits is pushing your security team to their limits. With finding security talent becoming more challenging, the time has come for a technology solution to help you scale, so you can sell more.

Define InfoSec Program

Create a credible InfoSec policy quickly and easily

For startups that need to get set up quickly, use our pre-built policy library of over 40 policies to help you easily create a credible InfoSec policy, without the guesswork. 

  • Tugboat Logic has been a fantastic partner from day 1 and helped us with our SOC 2 Type 1 readiness and continued readiness for our Type 2 audit as well as vendor management and responding to questionnaires. They set a high bar for how security vendors should treat their customers and are in-line with how Cobalt values customer experience and feedback.

    Ray Espinoza / Director of Security, Cobalt

Audit Readiness

Prepare for and maintain SOC2, ISO 27001 and other certifications

Whether you’re doing your first audit or renewing, get specific policies and controls mapped to the security framework so you’re always audit-ready.

  • We found an invaluable partner in Tugboat Logic for our compliance readiness. We needed to get our new offering ready for market, so privacy and data protection policies were a key part of our launch plan.

    Marc Pavlopolous / CEO, US Bound

Questionnaire Response

Answer security questionnaires in minutes using machine learning

Automatically answer questions with the optimal responses.  Reducing RFP response time by as much as 45% and improving your win rate by 300%.

  • Tugboat Logic gives us a central place from which we can respond to client questionnaires with greater speed and effectiveness.

    Wayne Gomes / CEO, Grapevine6

Vendor Risk Assessment

Assess and audit the security posture of your vendors

Automate the process of sending out security questionnaires to third party vendors and collect their responses in a cloud-based centralized management console.

  • As an analytics company that requires our clients to share their data with us, we needed to meet strict security regulations. Tugboat Logic helped us prove we were compliant with GDPR quickly by automating the process of InfoSec program creation.

    Steve Kudt / CTO, Canvass Analytics

Tugboat Logic takes the misery and mystery out of security audits so you can slay more deals and stay secure.

InfoSec Policy Question

How do I get started on my compliance journey?

What if you could build your InfoSec plan using pre-built policies and controls mapped to industry best practices and jumpstart your compliance journey?

Security Proof Questions

How can I ensure that I am staying secure?

What if you had a set of tools to automate the gathering of evidence continuously to ensure you are secure and be ready for your next audit with minimal effort?

Security Awareness Question

How can i prove my employees are security aware?

What if you could automate your security awareness training and create a set of questions directly tied to your InfoSec policy, push them out automatically to your organization, and reduce risk by proving your employees have been trained?

See how Tugboat Logic can help you gain customer confidence and win more deals.

Focus on Growth Gains. We’ll Focus on Your Security Pains.

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