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The Virtual CISO Platform

Reduce time to close deals and help your organization get ready for compliance with frameworks like SOC 2, ISO27001 and GDPR.

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Why Tugboat Logic Built by security experts with industry best practices and up-to-date guidance. We use a patent pending artificial intelligence engine to enable fast responses to RFPs, RFIs and security questionnaires. A streamlined platform that links security and sales teams to help beat the competition, win deals faster and minimize risk.
Get Secure
Security starts with a foundation of policies and controls and getting your team aware of their responsibilities.
Build Trust
Customers entrust their privacy to you. Get ready for compliance and privacy regulations like GDPR with our assessment tools, control tracking and reporting.
Sell More
Instantly leverage your security and compliance program with one-click RFP auto answer. Differentiate your company and complete due diligence requests faster than your competition.
Our Story
What We Do Tugboat Logic’s Virtual CISO Platform automates and demystifies InfoSec policy creation, security certification readiness, and security questionnaire response, so enterprises can gain trust with customers and sell more.
Ready To Go Program
The Tugboat Logic Policy Deck includes pre-built policies to create a new security program framework or customization options to incorporate existing policies. Each policy contains controls guidance and implementation checklists to enable rapid adoption.
Compliance Readiness
The Tugboat Logic Policy Deck and Tools Deck provide you the assessments, checklists and standards mapping needed to prepare for meeting regulatory obligations like the GDPR. We further identify and track requirements gaps and customer commitments.
Awareness Training
The Tugboat Logic Training Deck gives the members of your organization an approachable place to get trained on your security program, track adherence, completion, and define follow on notifications for periodic reviews.
Get GDPR Ready
Business Automation RFP's and Security Questionnaires are painful to complete but necessary for you to win deals, secure corporate funding or obtain government contracts. We made the process simpler, provided automated response options and give you an edge to respond faster than the competition.
Intelligent Auto Answer
Our patent-pending algorithms automatically match questions from your uploaded diligence doc with the most relevant suggested answers drawn from your policies or from trusted industry sources and standards bodies.
Selling with Security
Our compliance-to-policy mapping, GDPR readiness tools and policy usage tracking gives your executive team the visibility to monitor your commitments to clients over time and identify any gaps that could expose you to regulatory or business risk.
Speedy Responses
Tugboat Logic connects your most current security program and relevant corporate data with RFP management that allows your organization to rapidly respond to any customer diligence request with fewer resources and consistent delivery.
What our CUSTOMERS have to SAY.
Tugboat Logic is an existential necessity for my business. As a marketing analytics platform, it is paramount for HYP3R to prove to our customers and partners that their data is secure. Tugboat Logic helped HYP3R prove compliance and in the process unlocked key wins for our business.
Carlos Garcia - CEO, Hyp3r
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