Automatically Collect Evidence

Ensure Continuous Compliance.

Be Ready for Your Next Audit

Tugboat Logic AutoCollect does all the heavy lifting of gathering evidence to prove your security controls are in place. You can start audit readiness in minutes using our pre-defined integrations and automated modules (note: we’re adding more every month).

Automatically Pull Evidence

Automate many of the more intensive evidence collection tasks to save time and money, and reduce the stress of missing a collection interval.

Prove You’re Coding Securely

View all the code reviews from your GitHub and or Bitbucket instances, and prove you’re following proper change controls with every code release.

On/Offboard Employees in a Few Clicks

Through our G Suite integration, our On/Offboarding Module automates approving, revoking, and reviewing employee access – all the while logging auditor evidence requests for new employees, departing employees, and quarterly reviews of account access by app.

Check MFA is Always Enabled

From Workday to Monday, Tugboat’s Application Review Module keeps track of MFA-enabled apps, especially those in your audit scope.

Avoid Head Meet Wall
with Your Firewall

Tugboat helps you avoid head meet wall moments by checking and pulling evidence on a periodic basis (weekly/monthly), storing all of it, and then mapping them out to the controls you need for audits.

Finally, Know Who Has Access to
Staging and Prod

Tugboat automatically retrieves User/Role information from your cloud hosting accounts, so you have a record of who has access to your production and staging cloud environments.

Encrypt or RIP

Automatically retrieves a report from your cloud provider indicating that everything has been configured properly to encrypt data at rest and that your environment is not publicly accessible on the Internet.

Keep Your Mind on Your Vendors
and Your Vendors on Your Mind

To help you avoid unpleasant surprises, Tugboat’s Vendor Risk Management Module allows you to automatically send security assessments to your vendors, score them, and store the results as proof for your audit.

Ace Your Next Audit
(Yep, Even the Internal Ones)

Tugboat Logic’s Audit Readiness Module helps conduct and keep records of all of your internal audits and allows you to reuse the evidence you’ve already collected for security certs you’re pursuing.

Don’t Write Checks
You Can’t Cash

You can import security questionnaires and contracts into the Tugboat platform through the Security Questionnaire Module. The ML-powered tool automatically finds the best answer to respond with, stores the responses as evidence of what you’ve committed to, and automatically ties them to security controls.

Prove Everyone is Trained in
Security Awareness

Tugboat Logic’s Security Awareness Training Module up-levels your team’s security knowledge and collects evidence of their completion for audits.

Prove You’re Monitoring
the Right Things

Show your auditor you have log management, monitoring, and alerting in place for your cloud environments through integrations with tools like CloudTrail and CloudWatch.

And More Coming Every Month!

Check back frequently to see what additional AutoCollect Evidence use cases we’ve added!.

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