The 7 Steps to DIY Security Awareness Training

The Biggest Threat Vector

It’s a well-documented problem that your employee is one of the primary vectors for cyber attacks. Between phishing attacks, poor password policies, and lax access privileges, the employee was directly or indirectly responsible for the lion’s share of data breaches in 2018. According to a recent report by Ponemon Institute, 52% of data breaches were caused by a negligent employee or contractor in 2017.

Companies are attempting to solve the problem with employee awareness training, but it can be a challenge to maintain. Doing one time group training is the norm, but this does not scale well as new employees are onboarding continuously, InfoSec policies are constantly being updated, and security teams are stretched thin due to the shortage of skilled security talent and a growing list of responsibilities to secure the organization.

A DIY Guide to Implementing Security Awareness Training

When faced with such a dilemma, a combination of practical planning and automation can help make your life a lot easier. By following these 7 Do-It-Yourself steps, you can create an employee cyber security awareness training program that essentially runs itself.

Virtual Training with a Virtual CISO Platform

Creating and maintaining a cyber security awareness program can be quick and easy if you leverage work you have already completed, and use an automated system to deliver that training. By using a solution such as the Tugboat Logic Virtual CISO Platform, you can create a training program instantly by pulling prebuilt policies from your InfoSec program as training content, invite employees to training automatically, and easily visualize who has completed training – all in one place. This will help you stay more secure and compliant by educating one of your biggest threat vectors – your employee.

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