Cyber Security Awareness Training

Prove your employees are security aware, reduce risk across your company,
and be ready for any security audit.

The Challenge of Cyber Security

One of the biggest vulnerabilities organizations face is lack of security awareness from their own employees. Weak passwords, unsecured laptops, and lax email usage practices often result in loss or mismanagement of customer data, legal liability and severe brand damage. Security awareness training is an integral part of an InfoSec program. Yet, it can be challenging to consistently conduct InfoSec training and track it centrally to prove you are compliant.

Increase Awareness, Effortlessly

Training employees on security best practices doesn’t need to be another headache for your security team. Automate InfoSec training your employees using Tugboat Logic’s Cyber Security Awareness Training Module and reduce risk by proving your employees have been trained.

How Cyber Security
Training Works

The Tugboat Logic administrator can manage all training from a centralized, easy-to-use management console. Create a set of questions for your employees that tie directly to your InfoSec policy, then push it out automatically to all of the current employees of the organization. Employees receive a login to an “employee view” of the system that only shows them the exam questions. You can then track employee completion percentage in a centralized dashboard and send reminders to employees using Tugboat Logic’s task management workflow.

What You Get

Automated Training

Automated training program creation & distribution to employees


At-a-glance dashboard of InfoSec training completion rate


Auditable system of record to prove compliance

Train Your Employees Today

Interested in training your employees? Click HERE for a 14-day free trial to try out our sample exam.

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