Build a Security Program

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Drive sales with a platform that guides you through your first InfoSec program and answers RFPs and security questionnaires in minutes so you can sell more and focus on what you do best.

Proving you’re secure, shortening sales cycles and increasing win rates has never been easier.

Prove you’re secure by defining your Information Security Policies today

Tugboat Logic makes it easy to set up your security program and build trust with customers.  Create a credible InfoSec program quickly with a pre-built library of over 40 policies. Generate your InfoSec policies easily, without the guesswork so you always have a Security Assurance Report to share with your prospects and customers.

Generate auto-responses to RFPs powered by machine learning.

Create better answers to security questionnaires in seconds, so you can sell more and win more. Upload and store previously answered RFPs and our Auto Answer engine, powered by machine learning, will handle the rest. Our system learns from previously answered RFPs to improve over time.

Customer Story

Ray Espinoza

Director of Security

Tugboat Logic had that out of the box for us – being able to develop those policies…

Don't have a formalized InfoSec Program to confidently answer that 500-question RFP?

Here’s how you can provide the best possible answers while also making promises you can confidently keep. Save time, increase win rates and stay compliant as an early startup.

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