Continuous Compliance

Automate the tasks facing your InfoSec team so you can stay compliant all year long without the stress of audit fatigue.

Scale your InfoSec Program with automation

We offer an integrated security platform that demystifies and streamlines your security operations. Whether you’re looking to better manage your entire InfoSec program or just simplify certain workflows, we’ve automated the following tasks to reduce the time it takes to stay secure, build trust and sell your solution.

Automate your
evidence collection.

Automate many of the more intensive evidence collection tasks to save time and money, and reduce the stress of missing a collection. Use our pre-defined integrations and automated modules or connect to your vendor of choice with our Open API.

Make audits seamless with project management.

Tugboat Logic reduces evidence collection anxiety and prevents “audit fatigue” with the Compliance Calendar and Readiness Project Calendar.  These calendars will help you visualize all the evidence tasks you need to complete for your audit readiness project by interval.

Enable your entire sales team to respond to RFPs in minutes.

With more customers, comes more RFPs. Respond to questionnaires in minutes with our Auto Answer engine, powered by machine learning. Our system learns from previously answered RFPs to improve over time.

Re-use your work on previous audits to complete other 3rd party audits.

As a later-stage organization, it is very likely you will encounter more than one audit request from customers. Different regions, industries and clients have different audit requirements and frameworks. With Tugboat Logic, you can apply the work you did on one framework audit to other framework audits.

Easily assess and audit the security posture of your vendors.

Tugboat Logic automates vendor risk assessments so you can centrally manage all of your vendors in one place. Send questionnaires to vendors automatically, score them, delegate them to the appropriate internal resource, and save it all as evidence for your next audit.

Customer Story

Jason Adams

CTO & Global Header Product

We found Tugboat Logic to be a partner that has continued to grow with us instead of us growing into them as a solution.

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