Information Security
Policy Generator

Demystifying security & compliance.

The Challenge

To build trust with customers, you need to have an information security program in place. Companies often resort to guessing what policies and controls to implement, only to find it doesn’t meet client needs, resulting in lost time or revenue.

Automated Content

Easily Create Policies

Tugboat’s Information Security Program Generator provides an automated framework that demystifies the process of setting up a security and compliance program. Based on the industry’s most respected security authorities such as NIST and the Cloud Security Alliance, Tugboat Logic’s pre-built policy library of over 40 policies helps you create a credible InfoSec policy quickly and easily, without the guesswork.

Only a few clicks

How It Works

Use Tugboat Logic’s Security Assurance platform to determine which policies fit best for your line of business, and Tugboat Logic will provide a list of predefined policies and associated controls you need to be secure and compliant. Once you’ve designed your program, you can download a polished Information Security Program document to share with your customers during the sales process.

What You Get

Prebuilt Policies

40+ prebuilt security policies based on industry standards

Security Controls

Detailed recommended security controls associated with each policy

Security Report

Security Assurance Report to share with customers

Get Secure Now

Interested in getting started? Click HERE for a 14-day free trial to see our pre-built security policies and recommended controls.

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