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Save time and resources with automatic evidence collection and alerts.

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Achieve continuous compliance so you have internal transparency, control, and automation of your InfoSec operational tasks.

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Automatically collect evidence so that your security controls are in place, continuously.

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Code Review
Evidence of code reviews for every production release.
Employee Account Authorization
Evidence of access authorization for new employees.
Employee Account Revocation
Evidence of account deactivation for terminated employees.
Employee Access Priviledge Review
Evidence that management has completed use access review for all employees on a quarterly basis.
MFA on Applications
Evidence that MFA is eneabled by application for enterprise applications in scope.
Cloud Firewall Rules
Evidence of firewall rules configuration for your cloud hosting environment(s).
Cloud IAM Configuaration
Evidence of cloud hosting providers(s) users and permissions.
Cloud Data at Rest Encyption
Evidence that sensitive data is encrypted at rest in your cloud hosting data stores, and that it is not publicly facing the internet.
Vendor Risk Management
Evidence of security questionnaire and report evaluating the risk of all vendors.
Internal Audit
Evidence of control self assessment/internal audit.
Contract Commitments
Evidence for all customer contact commitments.
Security Awareness Training
Evidence that employee awareness training has been completed.
System Performance and Capacity Monitoring
Evidence that performance/availability logging is in place for you cloud environment(s).
System Event Logging
Evidence that system event logging is in place for your cloud environment(s).
Workstation Antivirus
Evidence that company workstations are running antivirus software.
Workstation Disk Encryption
Evidence that data is encrypted on company workstations.
Workstation Password Configuration
Evidence that company workstations require secure passwords.
Serverless Function Security
Evidence that Serverless Function are configured securely.
Change Managmenet
Evidence of change management procedures.

Build your own evidence collection service with custom integrations

If you can’t find the integration you need, use our Custom Evidence API to integrate with your vendor of choice. Our Custom Evidence API allows you to build your own integrations into Tugboat Logic and automate the collection of any piece of evidence in your Infosec Program.

Monitor and receive alerts for all your integrations

All our built-in integrations include AutoVerify Alerts. This continuously monitors your automated evidence collection services and ensures you are compliant at all times. If, at any point, there is an issue with your integration setup, you will be notified immediately what the problem is, which evidence tasks this impacts, and what you need to do to fix it.

Make screenshots part of your streamlined process

Even with all the integrations available, there are still going to be times when you may need to gather information manually. For these manual instances, use the Tugboat Logic Extension for Chrome to capture screenshots anywhere on the browser and save them to the app or answer security questionnaires using our auto-answer functionality in another app – all in a few clicks.

Add Evidence with screen-shots:

This feature lets you capture screenshots from anywhere on the browser and automatically save them to the appropriate evidence task in Tugboat Logic, allowing you to collect evidence quickly and efficiently.

Auto-Answer Security Questions:

This feature allows you to answer security questions within portals or other systems outside of Tugboat Logic. Use this tool to enter external security questions in Tugboat Logic, review and customize possible answers, and paste these answers in the external questionnaire. Tugboat Logic can also save each question and answer pair so that they can be referenced at a later date or leveraged in future questionnaires.

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