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Tugboat Logic Essentials

$499 USD Per Month, Paid Annually

The basics for starting a security program.
Audit Readiness

+$999 USD Per Month, Paid Annually

Prepare for audits (SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI & more).
Questionnaire Management

+$499 USD Per Month, Paid Annually

Automate security questionnaire responses.
Vendor Risk Management
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Vet the security posture of your vendors.
Enterprise Plus
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Ideal for larger security and sales teams.
Top Features
  • Auto Policy Generator
  • Task Management
  • Shareable Reports
  • Risk Assessment
  • Audit Project Management
  • Automated Evidence Collection
  • Automated RFP Import
  • AI-Based RFP Response
  • Centralized Repository
  • Automated Distribution
  • Vendor Scoring
  • Compliance Repository
  • Unlimited Admins
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Security Analyst Support
All Features
Prebuilt Policies & Controls
Automated Security Awareness Training
Downloadable InfoSec Policy Reports
Control Assignment & Tracking
SSO & MFA Integrations
Automated Risk Assessment
Audit Readiness Dashboard
SOC 2 Framework Mapping
ISO 27001 Framework Mapping
PCI DSS Framework Mapping
HIPAA Framework Mapping
GDPR Framework Mapping
CCPA Framework Mapping
NIST CSF Framework Mapping
Tugboat 10 Framework Mapping
Automated Security Questionnaire Response
Centralized Repository for RFPs & Contracts
Automated Vendor Risk Management Audit
Centralized Repository of Vendor Audits
Security Analyst Email Support
Security Analyst Phone Support
Admin Licenses
Employee Licenses (Training)
Audit Role Licenses
Vendor Role Licenses (VRM)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a second to look at our most commonly asked questions regarding our pricing plans.
Can I buy an add-on module individually?
The Tugboat Logic Essentials base package is required for all customers since it is the basic foundation enabling all of the other add-on modules. As a result, add-on modules are available after the purchase of Tugboat Logic Essentials.
I need to get SOC 2 certified, what modules do I need?
You will need the Tugboat Logic Essentials base package plus the Audit Readiness add-on module.
I am looking to automate security questionnaires, what modules do I need?
You will need the Tugboat Logic Essentials base package plus the Security RFP Management add-on module.
I have already engaged an auditor for a certification, can I still use Tugboat Logic?
Yes, our solution has an “Auditor Role” that will enable you to share your system of record and evidence repository for review and approval by your external auditor. You will need our Tugboat Logic Essentials and Audit Readiness modules together to accomplish this.
I have an existing security program, how does this program accommodate work I’ve already completed?
Tugboat Logic provides turnkey policies and controls based on your requirements. During the onboarding process, you can easily transfer your existing set of policies into our platform. This exercise also provides you the opportunity to update/supplement your existing policies with current, industry standards.
What if I need additional support during implementation?
If you need a little more than the normal support we provide, additional services are available from Tugboat Logic. Contact us for more details.
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