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We offer an integrated security platform that demystifies how to build a security and compliance program. Using patent-pending machine learning and easy-to-use workflow, we’ve automated the following tasks to reduce the time it takes to get secure, build trust and sell your solution.

Information Security
Policy Generator

Need to create a professional-grade InfoSec program? Let Tugboat Logic help guide you with pre-built policies that tie directly to the best frameworks in the security industry. Get a polished InfoSec policy document to share with customers during the sales process.

AutoCollect Evidence

Tugboat Logic AutoCollect does all the heavy lifting of gathering evidence to prove your security controls are in place. You can start audit readiness in minutes using our pre-defined integrations and automated modules (note: we’re adding more every month).

Audit Readiness

Are you planning to get a SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification? Tugboat Logic helps guide you on what you need to pass the audit and get certified through a combination of prebuilt policies and automated control assignment and evidence collection.

Security Questionnaires

Security questionnaires wasting your time? Answer questions in seconds with Tugboat Logic’s automated response tool, powered by machine learning. The industry’s only “security enabled” questionnaire response tool; Tugboat Logic helps create more credible responses, more quickly, so you can sell more.

Security Awareness Training

Are your employees aware of your required security practices? Use Tugboat Logic to create and assign training programs to employees automatically, and track completion in one place.

Vendor Risk Management

Reduce the time it takes to evaluate the security posture of your third-party vendors and reduce risk to your organization by using Tugboat Logic’s automated vendor risk management system.

Customer Story

Jason Adams

CTO & Global Header Product

Tugboat accelerates the time for audits and compliance

A Roadmap for Security and Certifications

Confused about what security and certifications you need?

Dive into what you need when it comes to your InfoSec program.

Security and Certification eBook

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